This was quite a drama, but you know the conversation turned to a disaster when the mighty Caesar asked how history has honored his memory and Captain America had to explain that he was a fucking salad.

Mr. Fish:
Caesar called the people in the park "creatures." Yeah, they might not have been wearing shiny armor and pretty gold wheat in their hair like you guys, but you should have at least recognized them as fellow humans, you idiot salad.

CAESAR: "What is that indescribable monster there?!"

RICK: "That's a guy in a green shirt, Caesar."

CAESAR: "I see. A clever disguise. I could have sworn it - What's that?!?"

RICK: "That's your mom, Caesar. She changed her hat."

Luke Cage:
Hey, dig this - what city is that? There's a big pink building. There's a lemon yellow one... did the Hostess cracker artists let their fool kids color these?

Dr. Doom:
Doom recalls a time when he faced the disco-singing crime fighter, Dazzler, in battle. And while Doom has been attacked in countless ways by Earth's mightiest heroes, this pathetic female was unique. She rollerskated as quickly as possible and bumped into Doom. Doom found this very amusing and could barely contain his titanic laughter. He assumes such nostalgic thoughts come from the lack of entertainment in this Twinkies advertisement. Please click to enjoy this memory with Doom.