I'm not saying those aliens aren't evil. It's obvious once you see the conquistador moustache and orange mohawk helmet, but I always thought Captain America was more diplomatic than this. He should have at least waited to beat them until they did something more serious than walk around near a picnic basket.

Mr. Fish:
Ha ha ha! "Welcome to Earth! Do you come in peace? America doesn't care, you son of a bitch! Eat righteous fist, villain!" And they say I'm an asshole for letting poop dangle from my ass in the public pool.

Luke Cage:
Pink gloves, pink cape, orange panties, pink belt, blue belt buckle, and a star on the chest? These muthas stole my prom tuxedo!

Dr. Doom:
Doom believes their flying saucer resembles a sombrero. Doom would like to wear their spaceship as a hat. Ha ha, what is wrong with Doom's air filtration system!?