This is what every Hostess ad should be. I love these things.

Mr. Fish:
I'm guilty of this too sometimes, but you know when there's a really big hole in the villain's plan, and you're just waiting for him/it to figure it out? Glub. Like what did The Deserter think was going to happen after his ray wore off? You know, everybody's standing around, confused and pissed off... and within walking distance of the guy who mind-beamed them. Oh, look at the end of the ad, The Deserter. They came back and kicked your ass, genius. And you didn't even get a damn fruit pie. Did you forget to turn the "Don't Come Back And Beat Me Up" dial on your "Please Leave" gun? How big a shitbag villain do you have to be to get your ass kicked in a fruit pie ad and not even get fed?

Luke Cage:
Yeah, this sucka's plan may have been the pits, but look at his glasses, dig? They're, look, double glasses! Each glass has a little other glass on it. Where did he find those? I think if I wore those glasses I would have bzz! bzz! insect vision. I would... oh Jesus, Mr. Fish. What have we been smoking? I'm not making any sense! I- I don't think this is my ass I'm wearing.

Dr. Doom:
A clever ray gun - it emits a beam that suggests people evacuate the area. However, the foolish Luke Cage recreated that very effect this morning with only a burrito. Laugh before the flatulent humor of Doom.