Mr. Fish:
When Captain America jumps in, he screams that Taylor "makes the pants too long." What the fuck does that mean? No, seriously. What the fuck could that possibly mean anywhere and in any culture? Glub. And then he calls the guy a delicious snack. Was he in the back sniffing their fabric dye?

So good work, Captain. You broke a window, spoke gibberish for two minutes, kidnapped these people's boss, and almost lost against a guy whose power is turning seamstresses into dress patterns. "Eeeeek! I'm a high-style dress pattern! Please... stop tracing me and making clothes based on my fashionable shape... y-your scissors... I... want to dieeee..."

What was the writer of this trying to tell us? That they were rapidly losing their mind, sure. But they were also sending a strong message that white slavery and sweatshops are wrong. I wonder if Captain America knows that two pages later in the same comic there was one of those ads trying to hire children and pay them in toys. Is it considered slavery when you sell seeds door-to-door for an entire summer and your only payment is an electric racetrack? If it is, then Marvel comics owes me five acres, a mule, and a national holiday.

Luke Cage:
If there's one thing you learn from this crazy shit, it's this: if your ass is running a illegal sweatshop, and you wanna keep it a secret, KEEP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING WINDOWS CLOSED, FOOL!