That's a pretty tough villain. If you fly at him, he threatens to eat the structures below you, FORCING YOU TO FLY WITH LESS BEAUTIFUL SCENERY.

I guess he talks with his mouth full of roller coaster, which is pretty impolite. He'd make the perfect arch enemy for Professor Etiquette Grandma.

Mr. Fish:
I think Captain Marvel should have at least TRIED to fire his cosmic photon blasts at the mouth. All he did was hug it a little bit and decide it was invincible. And if you refuse to use your own super lasers, at least carry your own snacks. That's just blind luck that that box of Twinkies was on top of that roller coaster. Unless that's where Twinkies grow? I don't know. Glub. I mean, that is a weird place for a box of Twinkies, right?