I've misheard some weird things. One day I was in the electronics store, and the clerk came up and said, "Picking out a new TV?" I thought she said, "Stick it in me!" But you know what? I thought that seemed weird so I said "what?" before I did. Maybe Baby Face Johnny should try something like that before he starts throwing barbells at a guy who sounded maybe like he called his smell sock-like.

Of course, even if he heard him perfectly clear, if someone in red tights and devil horns bursts into the locker room to demand your opinion on long-dead boxer statistics, it's not totally inappropriate to immediately try to kill what has got to be a dangerous madman.

Mr. Fish:
This whole thing is so stupid. That blind bastard Daredevil should have just beat the hell out of Baby Face Retar-- woah, I just realized that this is the first superhero fight where both the guys who drove to it parked in handicapped spaces.