Good thing we have Green Lantern fighting for us. Not only is he nice enough to let the kids eat THEIR OWN Twinkies after they save his life, he even gives some away to the villain. "Sorry, there's not enough Twinkies left for the party, kids, but the homicidal maniac looked hungry. You don't mind if I eat a few, do you? Mmm... mmm there's still a couple left. I could cut them into tiny pieces for your party-thing. Actually, no, I should get going. Watch the Mirror Master for me, okay?"

Dr. Doom:
Now Doom questions his own unmatchable genius. Why must Doom fight heroes capable of pulverizing mountains and building ridiculous space devices? Doom could crush the imbecile Green Lantern with a hand mirror and start sleeping in again. Or Doom could get that SCUBA certification which Doom is only a couple classes away from.

Mr. Fish:
What are those fucking kids doing? "Let's go to the store and get some Twinkies for the party... oh yeah! On the way back, let's make sure to stop by Mirror Master's secret hideout." Nice furnishing in your hideout too, Mirror Master. Isn't that amazing mirror strapped to your chest making you enough money to afford a couch? Even when I was working my way through Fish College by shoveling animal parts at a Korean restaurant, I had more furniture than a damn box on wheels.

Luke Cage:
I remember the first time I saw Mirror Master. I said, "Damn! You are a fine looking mutha!" But after I saw that he was wearing towing cable and a pointed metal headband, I put two and two together and figgered out it was my own reflection that looked as sweet as bear meat.