I know the word insane gets thrown around a lot when we're talking about these things, but I don't want you to take it lightly when I say this is completely fucking nuts. If this comic was a person, he'd skin you, eat you, and wear you.

And wait, did the guy in the brown jacket complain that the most agonizing part of being recently tiny and suffocating in a jar was having a mouth too small to eat pie? What the fuck could that mean? Are Hostess writers really so fucking dense they don't know that when people are presented with food larger than their face hole, they use their god damn teeth to bite off the amount that fits in their mouth? Is the writer of this ad smashing his bloody gums against a can and cursing pork and beans for his inability to eat them?

Mr. Fish:
This ad is called The Fruit Pie Scene? What the hell's that? There's no fruit pie scene. There's no fruit pie night life. You're not going to find some club filled with hipsters snapping their fingers and fitting entire pies in their unshrunken mouths.

Fruit Pie Scenester 1:
"What's going down in the fruit pie scene, daddy-o?"

Fruit Pie Scenester 2:
"Ain't you heard, baby? At the AM/PM, a whole shipment of them got smashed, so dig this: 49 cent partially damaged PIES! I'm fat!"

Fruit Pie Scenester 1:
"I have a cavity, baby!"

Dr. Doom:
Doom admits even his likeable and irresistable mind cannot make sense of this shrinking / de-shrinking madness. However Doom has decided this villain's massively strange suggestion of changing his name to Dr. Resol isn't severe enough. This fool's new name shall be Tihspid Gnikcuf.