Seanbaby: Whoa. Maybe the writer should have made a note to the artist, "When the woman says the creamed filling is her favorite, be careful not to draw her like she's talking about a dong."

Mr. Fish:
Shouldn't there be some sort of government regulation for crap like this? "Thanks, bald man! Just don't ask me to sing!" Shut the fuck up, Haquaman. I swear to god, me being a fish is a better power than yours. "Do you need something from on the top shelf?! I have the ability of FLIGHT! With it, I shall retrieve the top shelf item! Stare in awe as I summon birds as well!!!!!" And look at the guy in the sweater at the bottom left. What does that "C" on his sweater stand for? Cunt? I bet it does. Nice cunt sweater, Mr. Cunt. Man, Hawkman pisses me off.

Luke Cage:
I had a roommate that listened to Pete McCarthy and the Flyers. Guys sound like Air Supply if Air Supply was made of scared baby pigs. I know Hawkman is just a flying chicken pussy, but ain't no reason to spend your hero time throwing food at bad concerts. Those Flyers fans ain't gonna start no riot. Look here-- worst thing happens when a Flyers fan gets mad, is he says "Bummer!" and throws a pillow at the couch. How you gonna face Superman? He just saved Earth from volcano monsters. And your feathered ass spent all the Justice League bread on eighty thousand cup cakes to save a couple couches from a pillow attack. Man, Hawkman pisses me off.