Seanbaby: It's important to make a checklist before you skydive. And you want to put "working parachute" higher on it than "practiced anguish cry" and "bag of cupcakes."

Mr. Fish:
I have an idea, idiot. Eat the whole backpack of food you brought and hope you can get fat enough on the way down to bounce. You know, in case Hawkman can't rescue you because he's doing something more important like basting himself and stuffing his ass with bread crumbs. I can't tell what's more embarrassing -- jumping out of a plane with no parachute, or getting saved by HAWKMAN.

Dr. Doom:
Doom wonders why Hawkman chose this area for his leisurely morning flight. Of all the locations on this pathetic planet, a skydiving drop zone seems the only one where it's likely a foolish cretin will fall on one's head.

Luke Cage:
This is why black people don't jump out of a GOD damn plane. Hawkman's not going to be saving me; I can't even get a cab, motherfucker!