Hostess fruit pie ads have a pretty cavalier attitude towards murder. Look at the disco devil in the yellow shirt-- he's being wrapped around his own spine. He's DEAD. I know they're rude and noisy, but holy shit, Hulk. You just crushed six men into paste in front of children and said, "Now streets safe... and quiet," from the mound of their corpses! The street is safe? The street is fucking gone, Incredible Hulk! You tore it up and turned it into a dead body burrito. This is a bloodbath!

Mr. Fish:
"Oh no! We can't go to buy pie because of the disco infested streets!" What kind of pussies are scared to go to the store because of bad dressers on roller skates? Check out the fat one on the far left! He looks like someone dressed a pear in roller skates and shoved it. Glub.

Luke Cage:
Damn. This takes me back to the disco days. Those rolling crackers are even playing my favorite song. "Yeah! Yeah! Baby! Wo! Wo! Rock! Roll! Yeah! Yeah!"

Dr. Doom:
Were there not a metal mask melted onto Doom's face, you would see a smile pass these mighty lips. The Roller Disco Devils are pure comedy with each humilating stride. Doom has not enjoyed himself this much since seizing the children of his kingdom and replacing their legs with angry monkey heads. Scurried about, half out of pain, half out of madness, their own "legs" trying to eat them... Doom has lost his train of thought!