I like how the one hiker kid says in the last panel, "In a strange way, I think he knows we're his friends." Was that little doctor of pie medicine not there when the Hulk was saying nice things at them IN ENGLISH while not killing them? How much clearer does Hulk have to make it?

Hulk: "Hulk thank boys."

Forest Boys: "My God.... in some way... it seems as if he's... THANKING us."

Hulk: "Yes, hi. Me, Hulk, am thank you RIGHT NOW."

Forest Boys: "I think... does he want us to touch his lap? In a way, we... should touch his lap."

Hulk: "Finally! Boys get Hulk! RARR!"

Mr. Fish:
I've taken some beatings in my life. I fight super heroes and I'm a fish. It's safe to say I've lost about 150, maybe 200 fights in a row. Luke Cage once beat me so bad someone mistook me for peat moss and mulched their lawn with me. But I've never been punched so hard that I started smoldering. Hulk, you got your ass KICKED.

So what do you do? You run off to fight the same guys that almost killed you. I'm sure you'll do a lot better now that you're half dead and full of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. And Hulk, maybe you should wait until the children are out of shrapnel range before you start exploding trees for no reason. Also, kid in the red hat-- you're not wearing that hat. It's riding you like a little red bandit.

Luke Cage:
Fruit pies do more than just cure wounds, dig? I heard if you put one in the front of your pants overnight, you legally get your virginity back. At least that's what I say to stupid bitches! Slap me some skin, brother!!!

Dr. Doom:
Dr. Doom may not be a medical or academic doctor, but his extensive knowledge of everything lets Doom know that fruit pies are a poor excuse for first aid. The children's medical efforts may as well have been spent spent peeing on the fallen idiot.