Seanbaby: If this was the kind of ad that taught you something, here's what the lesson would be: "When you see someone in a tree bigger than you, throw rocks at them. It might hurt their feelings, but they'll feed you dessert."

Mr. Fish: Jesus. The Hulk leaves civilization and Rock People start throwing rocks at him? Has the stupid bastard ever tried to just lock the bathroom door when he wants to be alone? Here's what I do: I go the bathroom, do whatever I need privacy to do, and when I leave, I throw some fish flakes in the toilet and it looks like I was just in there taking a crap.

Luke Cage: Why these fools be callin' themselves the Rock People? They ain't made of rocks. All they do is throw rocks. My friend Terrance tosses midgets in a Detroit bar, and no one says he's one of the Midget People. Bunch of naked, lumpy troll men calling themselves Rock People. How the hell does the Incredible Hulk run into some mess like this?

Dr. Doom: To open communication with a volley of stones -- a masterful display of diplomacy. Doom begins all negotiations with the atomization of all diplomats. Then he defiles their ashes with his own unmatchable pee. Carry that message to your leaders, peed-upon ash people.