Mr. Fish: I think that kid in the yellow striped shirt has been drinking his picnic punch out of too many lead cups. Look -- he decides to confront a rampaging beast by sternly telling him about a parade. I'm surprised he lived long enough to mix up HUMANS and PEOPLE right afterwards.

How did this guy get a job doing Hostess ads? He can't tell humans from people, and then he screws up which pie is apple and which cherry. And I don't get how the Hulk gets these ad jobs either. He killed four or five people in this comic alone, and all they did was enjoy picnics. Hey, Hostess people. I know the difference between lots of things, I only kill people for revenge, and my job is selling packets of powdered gravy. Let me do an anti-drug comic, or hell... I'd do a Family Circus. Who do I have to blow to get a job!? Look at these fish lips. It's going to be the most tremendous blowjob of your life.

Seanbaby: That's pretty cold for the city of Oakdale to make the Organization for Picnic People hold their parade in the woods. Even the nazis and the KKK get a few streets blocked off for their we-hate-you marches. It must have been a parent group writing angry letters to the city events coordinator after their kids came back from the parade with rock-smashed messes where their faces used to be.

Luke Cage: Only the Hulk is stupid enough to look for privacy sitting in the path of a GOD damn parade. Listen up, when you want privacy, sucka, you don't throw rocks at crowds of people. You get crabs. You get yourself crabs and people will even leave alone the places you WERE. Two days later, parade people will still be saying, "I'm not walking near on that patch of crabs ground, motherFUCKER!" So you want time to yourself, get a marker and write "I GOT ME SOME CRABS" on the ass of your pants. Then you can throw the marker away. You won't need it again since you never change them damn purple jeans, fool.

Dr. Doom: Examine carefully the final panel of this imbecilic foolishness. That sport being played is the national sport of Doom's country, Latveria. It is known as "Throw the Ball Up in the Air Ball." Doom himself plays, but with the head of a koala bear instead of a ball. Of course, then the game is called "Advanced Koala Laughball."