Luke Cage:
Sweet Christmas, what clown college'd these crackers go to for their police diplomas? That's the GODDAMN Joker, sucka! You know what he likes to do as a joke? Poison you until you die! You're going to run his poisonin' ass down and then eat let him feed you? You outta your goddamn mind? Check that stupid ass cop talkin' about, "Yum! Apple!" Motherfucker, "Yum, my throat is melting, fool!"

Mr. Fish:
Glub. As a crime fish, I studied this comic extensively to see what went wrong. Obviously, the pies were supposed to distract the police long enough for the Joker to execute his plan of, glub, walking directly out the front entrance and through their barricade in his purple I'm-Totally-The-Joker disguise. But the pies only distracted them long enough to get them to talk about the pies, eat the pies, and then flank the Joker's position while he talked to himself. I... glub... I guess I don't see why that didn't work. Feel the onslaught of an increased risk of late onset diabetes, do-gooders. Glub. He could have at least shot at their backs when they were all turning away to grin at pie.

"Ah, dispatch, we've got the suspect in those biological attacks cornered. He's lowering tantalizing pies to us. Request procedure, over. Actually, cancel that request. I'm going to just eat a few and then go apprehend him with a pie in my hand. What's that dispatch? It sounds like you're screaming no no no you're insane, but that would be crazy."