Mr. Fish:
So Shazam didn't actually destroy the source of the mind control signal to stop the plan? He went to every living room in America to remind children to enjoy Twinkies? That might be more criminal than an anti-Twinkie commercial.

SHAZAM: *KNOCK! KNOCK!* "You've got to answer and fast!"

RANDOM YOUNG TELEVISION VIEWER: "Oh, hi, Shazam. Again. Yes, we still like Twinkies. Thank you for all the good work you're doing.

SHAZAM: "You're the real heroes, kids! You keep enjoying fatty foods filled with creamed preservatives! I'd love to stay and make sure you're all eating your candy bars, but there's the slight matter of the Minerva menace! She's still at large and wanted for--"

RANDOM YOUNG TELEVISION VIEWER: "...for 28,000,000 counts of Twinkie slander. Yes, we know."

Luke Cage:
Hey, Shazam, if you're wearing that cape, what are Siegfried and Roy wiping their noses with?