The Fly might even be worse than the normal idiots that decide a face mask and an electronics kit make them a super criminal. He made that huge Spider-Man restraint table, but forgot to make it even the tiniest bit Spider-Man proof. Then he made an "electronic field trap," which as far as I can tell doesn't do anything except make Spider-Man mention electronic field traps before he hits you. The Fly kept hinting that he had even more terrifying doom planned for Spider-Man, but couldn't seem to get past his own terrible plays on words to get to it.

Mr. Fish:
I don't get it. In the first panel, Spider-Moron says, "Just what I always wanted... breakfast with the fly!" I just don't get it. That's not a reference to ANYTHING. I googled it-- the one match was this page. Is Spider-Man still half-asleep and talking gibberish, or are there pancakes jammed inside his mask? Seriously, that's fucking nonsense. It's like waking up and saying, "Just what I've always wanted... chim cham dancing with the goat master!"

Dr. Doom:
Can that foolish genetic mistake Spider-Man's idea of clever truly be to call the fly villain, "my buzzing fly friend"? Impossible! By any stretch of the impossible, how can a mind so feeble truly exist!? DOOM IS FREAKING OUT!