Luke Cage:
Did Spider-Man actually say, "Who me? I'm just hanging around!" while he was hanging? Man, fuck you, Spider-Man.

Was anybody nervous that the hero with the amazing spider powers would lose to a guy who at BEST might bonk him with a hat? I want to know how many hours it took for Demolition Derby's friends to talk him into high profile combat crime.

Demolition Ted: "No, you can totally rob the diamond store, Derby! Just feel how heavy your hat is!"

Demolition Derby: "I know, but... you know... when I throw the hat... the bald spot."

Demolition Mike: "Oh, come on. You hardly notice the bald spot.

Demolition Derby: "Really? But what if like... a super hero..."

Demolition Larry: "Derby. Name one person who has a hat that heavy."

Demolition Derby: "Yeah... YEAH! You're right! The WORLD IS MINE!"

Mr. Fish:
Demolition should have gotten a less embarrassing weapon, like a spinning bowtie that makes him shit his pants.