It seems like if you're building a ray to immobilize Superman, you should make it so it stays switched "on" even when you're not holding the handle. Did Big Dome make the thing out of a push lawnmower? I know he's probably an unstoppable genius with a head so huge and purple, but it's going to be a pain in the ass conquering the world, while keeping one hand on his overhead projector the entire time. Actually, fuck taking over the world. Big Dome isn't even going to be able to feed his cats. A ten year old could stand out of his other arm's reach and declare the he now owns that half of Big Dome's living room. You could get into his refrigerator and lick his groceries right in front of him.

Big Dome:
Hey, eat me. The world is doomed, period. As long as I don't fall asleep or leave to go to the bathroom or move my hand in the next few weeks. Also, I'll need everyone to come stand right here where I can reach them. So when I say "PLANETARY CONQUEST" I really mean everyone comes and stands in my house so I can hit them. I think this beard makes me look like Abraham Lincoln, only if he was a raisin.

Dr. Doom:
Doom recalls the day Big Dome's plans were thwarted by two children. Doom left several messages on his answering machine jesting that Doom's castle was being taken over by boyscouts. The best one was where Doom said, "There is nearly three of them! Doom's defenses are useless!" Ha ha ha... bitch.