Mr. Fish:
A robot programmed to destroy. That's a handy robot. If you had one programmed to make a mess and one designed to fart, you'd have a whole team. The Thing might be overestimating the use of pies, though. They taste great -sometimes so great you'll get distracted from things trying to kill you- but they don't protect you from giant chunks of falling building. Try it! You'll die!

I wish real rescue workers tried pie-throwing. Rescue 911 would be a way funnier show if every time they were trying to save people buried in rubble they'd pie-throw. "Everyone remain calm! The pies will protect you from further falling rocks! For added delicious safety we are slowly filling the chamber you're trapped within with thousands of gallons of milk. Why are you still screaming?!"

Dr. Doom:
Doom's plan was perfect. Doom programmed a robot to destroy and put it outside. Victory! However, Doom admits that he forgot to make it punch-proof. Doom can sometimes be a goof. One time Doom made a robot to face the Human Torch out of wood and gasoline. Which was actually nothing compared the the time Doom made a robot out of a sandwich and sent it against Captain Fat. Ha ha ha... Doom is not laughing about the sandwich robot. Doom was remembering this one face a baby made before Doom ate it. Ha ha ha...

Luke Cage:
Look here-- if you check about two windows to the left of the robot's crotch -- that's my grandmama's apartment. That means her shower was hooked up to to its water system. Maybe after Big Mama's back hair clogs up its robot insides, Dr. Doom's dumb ass will stop from making robots out of the projects.