Dr. Doom:
Receive your education from Doom. In Doom's many years, he has studied the logic of one thousand universes. Worlds of sorcery, The-Nazis-Won dimensions... all exist at the whim of Doom. Yet there exists one constant to all their puny rule systems that even Doom cannot break: if one throws a hammer at something and it bounces back to punch you in the neck, then lightning will heretofore bounce off it as well. Therefore, pie will not.

Doom now demands you receive this lesson in hammer travel. In the pathetic comic's final panel, you see that Thor has finished the entire denouement yet Ricochet Monster is still a mere six pie-lengths away. Thus, Doom's calculations put Thor's hammer at a speed of approximately 25 snacks per Earth minute. Even if the Outer Galaxy is a mere 1,000,000 light years away, and Doom assures you it is not, Thor's hammer will return long after he has gone mad from pieless isolation.

Mr. Fish:
Let me get it all clear. Glub. First, before the comic began, Thor completed his train-at-home course in Richochet Monstering. Then, when he finally sees one, he shouts compliments to the silent monster about its genetic engineers while he throws his hammer at it. Fine. Weird, but it seems like the kind of thing Thor would do.

He was probably just checking to make sure it was a REAL Ricochet Monster. Like how Luke Cage puts his penis into zoo cages just to see if warning signs are serious.

Luke Cage:
I was trying to reach a peanut!

So Plan A was bouncing things off the Ricochet Monster, and after that failed, twice, Plan B was pies and a full pardon. Now that I think about it, pardon from what? It's just peacefully lumbering. It's almost naked, but legally diapered according to asteroid regulations. I'm not a lawyer, but if you name something The Ricochet Monster and someone is injured by throwing a hammer at it, that's not space crime. That's their failed attempt at becoming Second Dumbest Asshole in the Universe.