In a perfect world, infotainment shows would be walking around a street right now asking people where they were when they first read "Thor in the Ding-A-Ling Family." Intellectuals would publish journals every month deconstructing different aspects of it, and rappers would start to tell everyone how they're going to fuck them up "Ding-A-Ling" style. History hasn't shown us anything this exciting since Chrisopher Columbus discovered America and then discovered that the people that already lived there would carry his stuff and bring him gold FOR FREE if he aimed a gun at them.

Dr. Doom:
Doom speaks Thor well enough to know that "Thy familial bonds are indeed strong... pity 'tis misspent on evil" is Asgardian for "YOU FUCK YOUR COUSIN." Doom admits he has no further wisdom to add to this, the definitive piece of space RV fiction.

Mr. Fish:
I think I got it. Those hillbillies in the space trailer were immune to getting hit by a hammer because of their "secret-cousin power." That's what I have a problem with. Glub. That's scientifically accurate. Some of my cousins are married to each other and we don't even know how many kids they actually have since there are so many chunks of other ones growing out of each of them. Their baby carriages are pulsating messes of teeth and hair that bark and spit if you get too close. So I disagree with this comic's implication that inbreeding leads to being hammer-proof. Trust me, it's way, waaayy the opposite. When a kid has genitals on his head, shoulders, and other head, you're the least hammer proof ever. Glub. I might be wrong, I have trouble concentrating on this thing since I have to stop every few words to wave my meaty flipper hand at the sky and shout, "Why can't YOU be this great, God?!"

Luke Cage:
Ain't nothing whiter than a viking fighting astronaut hillbillies. And sure enough, you get all this white together and stupid, crazy shit happens.