Now gods are pretending to be other gods with uglier hats just to trick people into bringing them something they can probably conjure, or go buy for 89 cents? As soon as villains figure out they sell fruit pies at any store or gas station, that's going to free up a lot of time for death rays and swamp monsters.

Dr. Doom:
By the centaurs and satyrs of Thor's inner monologue's exclamations! Cup cakes and fruit pies are simply sold in markets?! Then what use will Doom find for the atomic Twinkie magnet powered by the tears of teen sluts? Perhaps Doom could recalibrate it be a wet t-shirt machine. At that magnificent thought, it seems clear that Doom should include a wet t-shirt button on ALL his incredible devices. Fear Doom's wet teen sluts! I shall warn the world using their own email!!!

Mr. Fish:
What was the point of the plan? Loki wears an Odin mask to get cup cakes. I'm not a Bible salesman, but it seems like Gods can just demand that while people are worshipping them, they bring them some food. What would you say to Jesus if he asked you to get him a loaf of bread while you were following his Word? "Get it yourself, Mr. Christ. Shit, can't you just lean over and eat your own arm? Hippie!" But I guess Loki isn't made out of cup cake, so it's not the same thing as "THOR AND THE FALSE IMMORTAL." Also, Jesus doesn't turn people into "cosmos dust."