I can't imagine a harder job in the world than being the district attorney after Wonder Woman brings her criminals in. "Your honor, the state charges the defendant with four counts of... robot mastery, one count of aggravated fuckhead, and one half count of resisting snacks. The people are asking for the *gulp* Give Him Two More Packs of Twinkies penalty."

Mr. Fish:
As scary as it must be for the world to know there's five identical unarmed history teachers plotting against it, it's not nearly as scary as the fact that he bought that outfit five times. Don't stores detain and arrest you when you try to make purchases like that? Glub. Someone should have told him that when he stands next to his robot selves with that afro, it looks like the waste basket after five people waxed their pubic hair with scotch tape. All I'm saying is that this fucker's crimes of the century shouldn't have gotten past the JC Penny checkout line.

Dr. Doom:
Doom himself has created many crime robots in Doom's own image, and Doom believes the main of many flaws in this fool's plan was creating warrior robots whom are programmed to calmly watch their master's humiliating capture. Heed Doom's words carefully-- if Wonder Woman ever turned her back on four of Doom's robot duplicates, the female would receive so many atomic devices up her perfectly sculpted ass that it would take over twenty shrinking superheroes to find and disarm them all.