He borrows things? That's not a power. That's barely even rude. It's like my ability to pull people's noses off or have sex with women who think I'm Ashton Kutcher-- it only works on people so stupid you probably don't need to rely on fantastic super powers.

Mr. Fish:
Oh, I get it. He borrows things and doesn't return them! That's a great ability for someone that doesn't want to buy sweatshirts and CDs their friends own, but why do they need Wonder Woman to catch him? I'd hate to have to explain to a dead family that Wonder Woman couldn't save them from a hurricane because an old lady changed her mind and wanted her purse back from the guy she gave it too. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like any dipshit who gets robbed by this guy kind of deserves it. And why are all the walls in this city pink? Glub. Am I the only one who notices things like this?

Luke Cage:
Damn, white people can just walk up to the teller and they give him a quarter billion for a signature on a napkin? My car got repo'd back in '72, and now I can't even get a GOD damn checking account.