Look at panel one -- the invisible jet's name is Robot Plane. That's a stupidly non-descriptive name for something that's invisible, but I guess since her invisible jet is about half a mile away, that's probably not who she's talking to anyway. Do you see how these ads are a mystery within another mystery? Is Robot Plane a little plane pal that flies with her when she's raiding castles filled with dangerous chocolate? And if so, is it small enough to fly inside her panties? And if so, can I ride it?

Mr. Fish:
Hey, Wonder Woman, he's a little obsessive, but Jesus. It's not illegal to collect cupcakes. It's not a "Nefarious Enterprise" either, whatever that is. You're the one that carries around three packs of cup cakes in your... shit, where did you keep those? Glub.

Luke Cage:
Dig this - it's like a view into a bizarro universe -- this dude really likes chocolate and Wonder Woman ties him up. But I really like Wonder Woman, and some guy named Chocolate tied me up. Then the Baron got taken away to a special prison for people that eat too much chocolate, and that's where our stories start to have a lot more in common, brother. That was one scary, shameful night.

Dr. Doom: