I love this ad. It's why cupcakes were invented. It might be why language, mysteries, and fat people were invented. Our entire human history has built up to this - Wonder Woman AND Cup Cakes starring in "The Maltese Cup Cake." Is it half monster? Is it half cupcake? Why did Wonder Woman break it? Why did she arrest those people? Why did they think that was reasonable? Who could know? Trying to understand this comic is like trying to keep your face from melting in the presence of God. This cupcake adventure is like pure unmitigated truth.

Guest Host - Petula:
Ha ha ha... I remember doing this. Me and my boyfriend got really drunk and decided to play a joke on a super hero. So we tell this bimbo to go to find a magic cupcake or something. I swear to god when he said that I almost pissed my pants! Then I went up to her and told her ha ha ha my name was PETULA. I could barely even keep a straight face! I said, you'll find the magic cupcake in the UH-OH DISTRICT! It just came out - I was like what the hell is an Uh-Oh District! But she totally bought it! Anyway, we end up leading her to this weird fat lady that lives on our block, and she just started going off about how the cupcake was a monster and like invented cupcakes or something. Hahahaha it was so god damn funny! Then me and my boyfriend started eating cupcakes and screaming about how good they were - it was hilarious. But get this - she arrests us! She took us down to the station and this big cop goes, "What's the charge, Wonder Woman?" She looked all stupid for a second like "duh, what DID they do," and I swear to christ the fat lady actually says, "This woman broke my magic cupcake, your honor!" I almost died. I seriously almost died. That was the funniest day of my whole life.

Mr. Fish:
Holy fucking fish. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen, and I work at a clinic specializing in removing foreign objects from colons and pet colons.