It seems like this dumbass shouldn't be such a successful criminal. All it would take is for one old lady to say, "No, ass. You can't have my purse." What are you going to do with it anyway, Borrower? Do you have a dress that goes with it, or do you really need that old lady's eight dollars and tin of hard candy? You're probably better off taking that tour guide's hat and leaving a note that says, "IOU: one fez." At least then you would have something you could drink out of or wear to a parade. Stealing fashion accessories from an elderly tour group - I've seen fucking bathroom vandalisms that are more productive crimes. The Borrower needs to get that IOU honored by the person that borrowed his god damn dignity.

Mr. Fish:
Hey, I'm the borrower! Glub. I just got back from an Egyptian burial tomb and look what I got! A purse... and 40 dollars in non-transferrable traveller's checks! Glub.

Luke Cage:
Sweet Christmas this ad makes me hot! Wonder Woman outfits.... chicks covered in gold paint. I'm grabbing some star panties, a can of spray paint, and the first ho that smiles at me. This hostess heist is getting reenacted tonight, dig.

Dr. Doom:
Doom shall join the foolish Luke Cage on his mission to "lay sweet mamas" as Doom also finds himself aroused. And Doom's diabolical humps are without equal. Why does Doom continue to say that which is needless to say!?