Top Man. The whirling dipshit. His whole evil level is filled with stupid little top men and tops you can ride, and by the time you reach him, you should be fully saturated with the theme. But when you get this deadly robot's weapon, Mega Man has the awesome power of the Top Spin. Watch out, Wily, we're using your own maniacal genius against you now! We can spin, you little bitch! You'll find this spinning manuever will get you out of many tight spots. For example, when Boogie Man stage of enter, and Mega Man challenged to ultra dance contest, break down Top Spin for ultimate disco power of show!
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: If there's a trick to beating this monstrosity of a robot master, I haven't found it. Just try to stay away from his awesome arsenal of deadly spinning tops. Remember your training. And good luck.
Shadow Man. I guess he is a mysterious master of ninjitsu or something. It didn't seem to me that he had anything to do with shadows, but I'm sure that if he was to get in the way of some light, he would cast a shadow just like everything else. He throws little stars at you, and he's so proud of this exotic talent, he wears one of them on his forehead. But don't give him all the fashion design credit. Hard Man had a big part in the creation of this costume that I'm sure everyone will agree, screams "shadow."
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: I know you've been dying to find a use for your Top Spin. Here's your chance! Show Shadow Man how a real robot boy can spin! Yay!
Spark Man. He looked like a spark plug. This evil robot was a real kid at heart. When he wasn't watching over his secret spark room for one of Wily's world domination plans, he and Elec Man used to get together and fly kites in the rain for hours. And after they went inside for a couple of warm cups of battery acid and marshmallows, they'd run along the carpet and zap the shit out of each other. How the two of them would frolick in their youth. Never lose your inner child, Spark Man!
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Wrap the condoms you picked up from the Hard Man stage around your feet to insulate you. Now, throw a bucket of water on Spark Man's head and watch the fireworks! When the smoke clears, try to ignore the smell of burning plastic long enough to get the ultra useful Spark Shot.
Rush Jet. When people heard Mega Man was getting a dog, a lot of them said, "Yeah, but will you be able to ride it?" That was a question that Mega Man was pleased to answer as he hopped onto his dog and flew around the room spreading joy and happiness to all. Rush, the loyal dog, only shows a hint of the deeply repressed rage just waiting to explode. And as Mega Man continues his flight in blissful ecstacy, Rush silently plots. The day will come when he will be no boy's scooter.
Seanbaby Man. Although creditted with being the prettiest robot master, he is also the deadliest. If you can make it through his secret disco stage, you'll have to face his Glitter Blaster.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: When Mega Man enters, Seanbaby Man will try to make him cry with his insults. If you picked up the Apathy Ray from Pot Man, you can counter this. But since there is little to no chance of beating Seanbaby Man, I would recommend you just hit reset and not go to his secret stage if you're interested in staying alive.

From: Casey Bird
Hi, I saw your page. Pretty funny. However, how do you get seanbaby or is he just a myth?
Pharaoh Man. This is another robot that has a complicated history. He originally was called Pheremone man, and he could release sexual chemicals that made our little blue boy into a man.... but Capcom thought it was too risque for American audiences. So they turned him into some King Tut guy with a generic weapon called the Pharaoh Shot or something like that. However, watch for the original Pheremone Man to come out in his own game called, "Pheremone Man Alpha: The Scent of Passion."
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Beating Pharoah Man is a difficult task, especially when he puts an ancient Egyptian curse on you. It will make you see nothing but strange flashing characters and colors, and it can only be cured by turning off your Nintendo and blowing on the cartridge.
Ring Man. After the mildly attractive robot girl, Roll, declined Wily's proposal of marriage, he vowed revenge by building this thematic evil robot master. However, when he sent Ring Man out to destroy Roll, the two immediately fell in love and went on an international shopping spree after selling Ring Man's ammunition to local pawn shops. I called Wily to get his comments and he screamed, "Bah! My plan has been foiled! But they cannot stop my force of evil robot miners! Wa ha ha! * Slam!*" I fear for our safety.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: This is the nastiest evil robot fuck head you will ever fight. If I knew an easy way to fight him, I probably wouldn't be sitting here at work making stupid fucking Megaman home pages. I would be on the professional Robot Masters tour with Fred Savage and his retarded brother, playing other Mega Man pros for top dollar.
Skull Man. This robot was created through a sacreligious and disgusting ceremony involving electrical engineering and necromancy. Wily hired Skeletor to design Skull Man's costume, and Wood Man to design the incredible Skull Shield that has the amazing ability to make skulls fly around his body. Oh yes, this time they won't be stopped. They came up with a brilliant idea of making an evil robot and sticking him inside an empty room. Now the world will suffer.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Use the Crucifix Slash you got from Jesus Man to show this undead monstrosity the true power of love!
Toad Man. It's kind of hard to take a guy seriously when you can slaughter him with your Pea shooter and he looks like a big frog muppet. "No! Toad Man great! He give you Rain Frush!" And what the hell is a Rain Flush? That sounds like some sort of gutter drainage device, not something you'd fight evil robots with. And shouldn't Toad Man be carrying like Wart Gun or Hop Boots or some shit like that? Not that I'm complaining, I just want to ride my dog, get equipped with Bubble Lead and fight for everlasting peace.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Even though he's completely pathetic, you can make him look even weaker if you have the Frog Scalpel you got from Biology Professor Man.
Dust Man. This guy is a big vacuum cleaner on reverse. And although Wily is famous for some really stupid robot ideas, this one is probably the worst. If you're conquering the world, you send this guy to clean the fucking leaves off the side walk and let the real robots fight Mega Man. "I'm Dust Man! I have the Dust Crusher!" Loser. You fucking leaf blowing loser.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Throw Bright Man's big light bulb head on the ground. When it shatters, Dust Man will probably suck it all up, and the broken glass will tear up his bag. While he's changing bags, shoot him.
Drill Man. After years of independent contracting, he was hired as an evil robot master by the well lubricated Wily. Drill Man loves making holes in wood and steel to make the use of various fasteners easier. He met Hard Man at an autograph booth during a Makita Power Tools convention and the two became fast friends. They enjoy quiet nights alone together and often hold hands in church. That lovable Drill Man is always ready with a smile for his friends and loved ones. Drill Man, drill your way into my heart!
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Cross the streams. Duh.
Dive Man. This was the winner of the "Six and under Evil Robot Naming Contest." Congratulations to Timmy Powers, the lovable first grader from Kansas who sent in his robot suggestion! "I like to dive. Swimming is fun. I think Dive is a good name for a evil robot. When I grow up, I want to be Fire Man. Tell Rush I want to pet him. Thanks! Bye!" No, thank you, Timmy, for making Mega Man's life a little bit harder. And good luck in being Fire Man! We're behind you 110%!
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Pretend Dive Man is really hard. It makes Timmy feel better.
Bright Man. He's sort of just like Flash Man, but "Bright Man" is more descriptive of the mental prowess of the Mega Man Robot Naming Committee. You get the Flash Stopper for beating him, which is suspiciously similar to Flash Man's Time Stopper. I know. It's all very confusing. But my theory is that Bright Man is just Flash Man after he removed his head and screwed in a giant light bulb.
HINTS ON BEATING HIM: Bright Man will try to flirt with you a little bit to distract you. It almost worked on me once, but I don't think I'm into the giant transparent glass heads. But if you are, you should be extra careful.
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