March 4th, 1999 - Incestual Indian Children
According to a recent poll taken by SupaMagoo and the Pow! Patrol, most Americans do not like to picture small Indian children having sex with their brothers and sisters. That's why there is a law against it and why a 17 year old Indian boy was arrested for impregnating his 12 year old sister.

Prosecutors tried to convict him on first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges. However, after some unprecadented legal use of "Hindu Magic Mind Tricks," the court dropped the charges down to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. This is normally reserved for farmers who fuck sheep and you as soon as you're caught masturbating to the pictures of fat girls in the article below this.

The boy was sentenced to six months in jail and six months of home detention which he seemed pleased with. He happily announced during a press conference, "Oh my golly gosh! I have look forward to much sex in happy jail, and when return home, I sent to room where get even more sex. May many cow be praised for luck!" When asked about his future plans, he claims he and his sister are to soon appear on the Howard Stern show where they will reinact their now infamous copulation and plug the release of the videotape.

Although TV's Hadji has reportedly never impregnated his sister, Dr. Quest reports he and Bandit are the happy parents of six turban-wearing puppies.
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