I don't want to make it seem like dueling editorials are anything like pro wrestling, but if Womanlinks.com was someone's body, the Seanbaby Probe kicked it in the neck part of it then came down on the face part with a chair from the top of the cage. What I'm trying to say is that I know when I do something good, and Womanlinks.com got its ass kicked. That doesn't make me a better person, all that happened is that they made a fool of themselves and I said, "Hey everybody, look."

But instead sinking to my level and calling me names, they sunk to that extra lower level where you tattle to your parents, and then sunk to the even lower level where you tell a lawyer. They threatened to sue if I didn't remove a picture of their editor from an article regarding that editor's malfunctioning brain. That's right, Womanlinks.com's official response to the attack was "Please don't tell anyone what I look like." I would have respected them more if they just called me a cockhead.

They were so eager to get it removed they sent the letter with the best postage our government's postal service offers. Getting that short paragraph sent to me cost $13.00 American, which as bargain shoppers know, is about $13.00 more than it normally costs to send a letter. Also take note that $13.00 more than doubles the budget of the article in question (total article cost was $5.98 where I bought a cheeseburger, coke, and cheesburger-related toy in the middle of writing it).

This is Catie. History's shown us that you can win a lawsuit just for idiocy, and Womanlinks.com has enough of that to make their letter-sending budget look like the change in an open-sored panhandling musician's guitar case. The odds were not in my favor if this thing went to court, and according to their letter, that was going to happen if I didn't get the picture down by October 19th, only negative-a-day away. That's not enough time to search my apartment community's neighborhood watch meetings for a suitable Cathie Gosselin lookalike, so it looks like that thirteen dollars cost Womanlinks.com the rest of their pride, but got them a very nice Cathie Gosselin portrait.

From: shadowfax1@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Cathie Gosselin (whore.) Dear Mr. Baby,

As a long time reader of your site, I felt it was my patriotic duty to bring the following information to your disposal. At this thoroughly useless site, www.tiac.net/users/pdragon/friends.html , obviously run by one of the coolest men in America, there is a picture of your dear friend and newfound legal archnemesis, Cathie Gosselin, following by a heart warming blurb on what a keen person she is.
Thanks for the information, mysterious shadowfax. It's good to know that the woman with a retarded hopeless lawsuit against me is best described by the words "spunky!" and "bizarre!" I wish I would have known she was into U2 and gardening before all this. At the time I got the letter I just thought she was some lady so horrible it was illegal to post her picture in public view.

According to this law regarding image copyright
, it's perfectly legal for me to show you this photo of Cathie Gosselin...

...and even more legal for me to say, "She makes baby milkshakes. Blarg she is a creature."

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