Bad Candy Mark is excited to hear about my Jesusy adventures as Bibleman.

Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.

From me to left: Captain Party, Doctor, Slutty Nurse, and I don't remember what Aaron was supposed to be.

Bad Candy Mark and I, disguised as Mexicans.

From deadliest kickboxer to least deadly kickboxer: Kitty, me.

The technical term for what I'm doing here to Nicolette is "cockblasting."

On Halloween, Anthony and I ran across the Ecto-1 in downtown Portland.

And either there are two sets of lunatic Ghostbusters enthusiasts, or we met its owners later that night.

This photo was taken hours before a routine expedition plunged us into a fantastic land of dinosaur puppets.

While we were there, I made friends with Shannon the Barbarian.

This is a magical photo that shows each viewer his or her own personal vision of the worst band on Earth.


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