I made my gogo dancing debut at Costume Karaoke 2003, an event I planned because I knew Tiffany had a Wonder Woman costume. It was obviously the greatest mastermind plan I've ever hatched.

Ashley is such a sweet girl that I felt extra naughty here putting my hand all the way up her four inch schoolgirl skirt.

From left to right: Erica Kohnke on lead vocals, Nock Suk Cao as the microphone holder, and MC Abe Lincoln on beat box.

If I were to try to accurately describe the amount of partying going on here, every single letter in this sentence would have to be doing a handstand on a tiny keg.

Johnny and I, caring for our retarded little brother Crispin as mandated by state law.

You've probably already figured this out from the picture, but we beat this song's ass.

Damn, if I was fat enough to actually make it possible, I swear I would eat those costumes off of them.

Again, damn.

Fucking hell, Tiffany. I mean, fucking hell.

If there's one single thing better than a hot girl dressed as Wonder Woman, then I would like to warn whatever that thing is that I'm going to bone it.

Imagine if you were crime and you came across this picture. You'd shit your pants, crime!

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