Pictured here at Flux's birthday party are the four finalists in the Hot Buns contest.

Later, Flux took her shirt off, so I gave her a kiss.

And because of this type of thing, it didn't take too long before my shirt totally smelled like boob.

While Nala is trying to pull her pants up to a PG-13 level, I'm polite enough to look away and read a poster about Pokeman monsters.

In a public bathroom, Erin watches as Nala gives me a comical dong exam.

Anais and me share a moment and a cigarette.

When I'm really hatching the shit out of a plan, nothing can distract me.

Do you have any idea the upper body strength it takes to body slam a 500 pound girl like Gingerlie? I'm like a gorilla and a caveman had a baby on Krypton.

This is me and Jenna leading an aerobics group in the hot girl-lifting workout system I invented.

From top to bottom: me, Louise.

There's a reason Nala and I received the Presidential Award of BAM!

Making sexy faces for the camera can be very hit-and-miss. This time around-- motherfucking hit.

Ryan and I declare an open challenge to the world: try to look cuter than this, pussies.

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