He may have talked like a drunk bareknuckle boxer, but when the Super Friends needed something off the top shelf and they'd already yanked out all of Hawkman's feathers, Apache Chief was really handy. You might think the fact that his clothes didn't tear when he grew three stories high should have been worth some more points. That's not a big deal -- all clothes in cartoons do that. The Hulk's the only idiot that doesn't buy his purple pants at the super-stretchy store.


The Colossus
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Apache Mercy
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Break. Out. Of. Trance!
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Apache on the Aquascooter
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Indian Tracking Ability
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Apache vs. Friends
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vs. Toyman & Gorillas
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Apache From Above!
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A scene from Apache Chief's rare headlining role in The Colossus. Sadly, I didn't take much artistic liscense with it.

Besides growing to huge sizes, Apache Chief also had all the cool powers you get from being an Indian like firestarting, sticking an ear on a train track to hear approaching horses, pony hair brushing, and leather vest accessorizing.

Fun Fact: The brown briefs under his traditional loin cloth weren't part of his original costume. The rest of the team voted for him to add them after they got tired of seeing his dangling brave buffalo every time they looked up during a fight.