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Season One
The shitty one with Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog. 1973-74


The Power Pirate
The Baffles Puzzle
Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.
The Weather Maker
Dr. Pelagian's War
The Shamon U
Too Hot To Handle
The Androids
The Balloon People
The Fantastic Frerps
The Ultra Scam
The Menace Of The White Dwarf
The Mysterious Moles
Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
The Planet Splitter
The Watermen

Season One Credits:
- Danny Dark

Batman / Jonathan Kent
- Olan Soule

Robin / Troubalert / Computer / Jor-El
- Casey Kasem

Wonder Woman / Martha Kent
- Shannon Farnon

Aquaman /Green Arrow / Plastic Man
- Norman Alden

Wendy / Lara
- Sherry Alberoni

Marvin / Wonder Dog
- Frank Welker

Narrator / Flash
- Ted Knight

Executive Producers
- William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

Associate Producer
- Lewis Marshall

Story Consultants
- Carmine Infantino, Julius Schwartz, E. Nelson Bridwell (who also wrote almost all the DC Hostess Ads)

Animation Supervisor/Art Director
- Alex Toth

Character design
- Alex Toth, Jerry Eisenberg

Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

The season with Cyborg, Darkseid, and naked robot Brainiac, where they let belly-hanging TV joke, Adam West, take over doing Batman's voice. 1985-86

The Bizarro Super Powers Team
The Ghost Ship
The Case Of The Stolen Powers
Brain Child
The Seeds Of Doom
The Wild Cards
The Darkseid Deception
The Fear
Escape From Space City
The Death Of Superman
- Danny Dark

- Adam West

- Casey Kasem

- Mark Taylor

- Ernie "We've got the tools and we've got the talent" Hudson

Wonder Woman
- B. J. Ward

Bill Callaway

Green Lantern
Michael Rye

Frank Welker

Rene Auberjonois

Stanley Ralph Ross

Don Messick

Bob Lloyd/William Woodson

Story Editor
Alan Burnett

Character Design
Mr. Jim, Jeoff Barrow

The Legendary Super Powers Show
They hired Firestorm. 1984-85

The Bride Of Darkseid, Part 1
The Bride Of Darkseid, Part 2
The Case Of The Shrinking Super Friends
The Mask Of Mystery
Mr. Mxyzptlk And The Magic Lamp
No Honor Among Super-Thieves
Super Brat
The Village Of Lost Souls
The Royal Ruse
The Wrath Of Brainiac
The Case Of The Dreadful Dolls
Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part 1
Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part 2
Reflections In Crystal
The Curator
Island Of The Dinosoids
The World's Greatest Super Friends
Marvin and Wendy finally got shot into deep space, and they replaced them with the almost-as-retarded Wonder Twins, and way-more-retarded blue monkey, Gleek.

Invasion of the Earthers
City in a Bottle
Will The World Collide
Day of the Planet Creators
Super Friends vs. the Super Friends
Voyage of the Mysterious Time Creatures
Planet of the Neanderthals
The Mind Maidens
The Water Beast
The Coming of the Arthopods
Exploration Earth
The Lion Men
The Tiny World of Terror
The Mummy of Nazca
The Ghost
Rub Three Times for Disaster
Lex Luthor Strikes Back
Space Knights of Camelot
The Lord of Middle Earth
Universe of Evil
Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
Planet of Oz

Challenge of the Super Friends
This season was the one with the Legion of Doom. You should feel lucky for ever having watched it. 1978-79

Wanted: The Superfriends
Invasion of the Fearians
The World's Deadliest Game
The Time Trap
Trial of the Superfriends
The Monolith of Evil
The Giants of Doom
Secret Origins of the Superfriends
Revenge on Gorilla City
Swamp of the Living Dead
Conquerors of the Future
The Final Challenge
Fairy Tales of Doom
Superfriends: Rest In Peace
History of Doom

Danny Dark

Olan Soule

Casey Kasem

Wonder Woman
Shannon Farnon

Bill Callaway

Black Vulcan
Buster Jones

Apache Chief/Green Lantern
Michael Rye

Jack Angel

Stan Jones

Braniac/Black Manta
Ted Cassidy

Frank Welker

Ruth Foreman

Marlene Aragorn

Michael Bell

Captain Cold
Dick Ryal/Don Messick

Vic Perrin/Don Messick

Don Messick

Solomon Grundy
Jimmy Wheldon

Stanley Ralph Ross

William Woodson (series), Bob Lloyd (Titles and Teasers)