He started letting the other members start coming up with plans, and that turned into a huge mess. A simple plan to rob a bank would turn into building an orbital mind ray to hypnotize world leaders into commanding their troops to find an ancient artifact that can summon a monster, so they can use the monster to spy on the bank and get the combination to the safe so they can get a trained bunny to run in and get the money, as soon as Grodd finishes the sleep generator to take care of the guards. Meanwhile, there's two high school dropouts in the bank who figured out how to get the same results as the Legion's plan with a fake machine gun and a couple Halloween masks.


Roll Call of Doom
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Luminian Pals (old school)
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Whiners can be Winners
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Revenge of Doom
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Brilliant Disguises
Video (0:49) + animation

Super Friends Disguises
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Time Plan
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vs. Zombies
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Luthor and Brainiac Steal the UN
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Luthor Escapes Again!
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Trial of the Super Friends
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It's a good thing the Legion's plans always failed. Not for our sake; what do we care if some mental patients in stupid costumes rob our banks? Our accounts are federally insured. I'm saying that it's a good thing they failed, because if they were successful, they'd end up tallying their take home pay, and realize they're in the hole 80 million dollars per mission. Extorting money from world nations makes you money, but have you ever looked into the cost of an oribital death ray, or a flying submersible headquarters? Fuck the Super Friends, the Legion of Doom really needs to worry about the collection agencies and repo men.

This was a hard rating to come up with. At first, it started off at 1. He has a bald head and some gadgets. There are people on TV at four in the morning selling us juicers and fruit dryers that are as qualified as that to be super villains. But then I realized how brave someone has to have to put their bald head up against Superman. Just the fact that he tried makes him the fucking embodiment of Eye of the Tiger. Do you think Lex's clothes are so tight because he's putting on weight? No, they're just being sucked inward by the gravity caused by his huge balls.