I'm sure with all the stupid things they do, the Super Friends get a lot of advice. Here's some more anyway. Super Friends, putting a ponytail on your milkman, stealing his clothes, and telling him to talk slow doesn't make him Japanese. Maybe if you gave him a camera or a little robot dog (above right).

Samurai was a lot like the other ethnic saturday morning heroes in that aside from a few clumsy references to his "homeland," most of his personality came from being a little bit dumber than the rest of them. When Superman or Batman talked to villains, they would threaten them with clever puns and transitions like "Drop the hand grenade, Luthor. The only thing you'll be tossing is salads... in JAIL!" Not Samurai. When it was his turn to yell he'd go, "Wrong, Luthor! Winning will not happen for you. Because you WON'T win! In fact, you'll LOSE!" It was sad. Not as sad as the monkey in the tights, but still pretty embarrassing.

Samurai was pretty versatile. He could turn invisible, burst into flame, or become a tornado with a goon head poking out. I'm not sure if he could do more; the show seemed to be making his powers up as it went along. And since he had to scream out what he's doing in Japanese, we'll never know. Besides "thank you" and "tanaka-san has a new car," Samurai doesn't know any more Japanese than those three phrases. Anyway, if he could turn into anything he screamed, the first thing he'd do would be to look up how to say "Wonder Woman" in his dictionary and disco in front of the mirror all day.

It might be coincidence that Marvin, Wendy, and Wonderdog disappeared as soon as Samurai showed up. Maybe they graduated to fight crime on their own. But more likely -- having kids and a puppy move in with a guy that ignites and turns into a hurricane wasn't a very good idea.