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name: scarecrow.     hobbys: FEAR! job: legion of doom. uh yeah more like legion of SUCK! duhhhh solomon grundy very strong! um. okaaayyyy buddy. LOL! my special effect is to control FEAR! i am a scientist and a scarecrow. inside me is straw so donkies want to eat me.


snakes are fear. fear of snakes has the science name "snakephobia". a snake can pop the head off a girl in one minute so it is not hard to make someone afraid of snakes. my FEAR OF SNAKE potion is only a regular water balloon and then i scream "THERE IS A SNAKE ON YOUR NECK!!!!" and there like all "FUCK! GET IT OFF!" and then i win because thats my whole crime.

CLOSED SPACES! i did not find a good picshure for fear of close spaces so here is a guy in a hovar craft. (UPDATE! NO IT ISNT.) i dont remember the name for fear of small spaces eather but it is totaly long. Like elevator phobia but not that. i made a potion that does it but it is hard to read teh labelwhen the superfriends punch you plus it is hard to read ever when your eyes are straw PERIOD. so i labeld it with a drawing of an elevator. one fight i forgot and thought it was a picture for cardbord box fear gas and threw a cardbord box at the superfreinds. OOPS! the cardbord boxes did not scare green lantarn. batman was a little scared. i got out of jail cuz there is no law against box throwing. when i was in jail i asked everyone to call me MAXIMILLIAN DANGER and no one did.

this is my girlfriend riding a man in a wheelchair. "HI HONEY!" she is a hat and always tells the truth.

SPIDERS: people get fear of spiders from a bomb when i throw it on them. it is a red science bomb its cool. these spiders in the picture are only spider cookies. i do not know how to make a FEAR OF SPIDER COKIE BOMB only one for regular spiders.

SPACESHIPS (COMING SOON: put cool stuff about fear of sapce ships here!) UPDATE! i did not find any cool stuff yet for spaceship fear yet keep checking back!

there are a lot of fear names i do not know. only buttholes know the stupid doctor name for all of them. it is dumb to say "blahblahblahphobia" because it is longer and dumber than to just say "fear of whatever." sometimes i get all tecnicel and say "the superfriends will be affected with cowphobia!!!" it goes over every bodys head and solomon grundy is all "SOLOMON GRUNDY NOT KNOW WHAT COWGLORBIA MEAN! SOLOMON GRUNDY CRUSH COWGLORBIA!" and i'm like "it's the fear of cows reTARD". So now I just say "fear of cows" because they are all so stupid about fear sience. cows like me because i am made out of cow food.

WATER! peope are afraid of water? WITH MY POTION ANY FEAR IS POSSIBLE!! i do not know how to swim and i get very modly if i get wet. if i change my clothes i will fall apart into a crappy pile of straw maybe. INCREDIBLE!

this is what i would look like if you tore me apart and aranged me into the cube. somtimes i wish we fired solomon grundy and got Corey Haim. he is not so evil but instead of crime we could START THE GREATEST ROCK BAND IN THE UNIVERSE! "hi i am corey haim" he would say to me. "a pleasure to meet you scarecrow" he would add. "the pleasure is all mine" i would reply back.

when i am in the legion of doom head quarters i watch some shows.
* movies
* any game show
* i like patrick dempsey in almost many movies. my fave is JUST ONE OF THE GIRLS with corey haim. patrick demsy is not in it. here is a tip: i always beware for tractors.

OH NO IT IS HAWKMAN! no ha ha it is only me in a hawkman costume. i also have spock and cowboy. cowboys are always very happy.

dewalaphobia: fear of delaware police and fire radio codes.
Delaware Police & Fire Radio Codes 10-47 Dispatch tank truck
10-51 Enormous Testicles
10-56 School crossing assignment
10-58 Traffic light not functioning
10-86 Enormous Testicles False Report

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