A little something for the ladies-- a rare animation cell of Sinestro's backside from the episode "The Deadly Spores of Transparent Panties." I'm pretty sure you've already figured out the plot. Samurai ended up saving everyone by distributing a huge supply of unaffected panties he had stored in a spore-proof underground vault. Not surprisingly, no one asked him too many questions about it.
The last thing the bad guys needed was a Green Lantern on their team. They were winning for 80 percent of every episode when they only had three high school dropouts in funny hats. Sinestro was a step too far, though. You might not have known this, but if your head is giant or purple enough, you're already a fearsome villain. The fact that Sinestro had a yellow ring that could make monsters and spaceships only made it worse.

Even though it could do all the same things as Green Lantern's ring, it didn't have that tragic weakness against one color. At least when you were fighting Green Lantern, you could put on your yellow jumpsuit and consider yourself invincible. The only problem is that after the fight, if you go somewhere in public dressed like that, you should consider yourself "a moving target for spitwads." Lucky for us and especially the Superfriends, the Legion of Doom didn't usually invite Sinestro on their missions. I've come up with some possible reasons for this:

1. The Legion's super Doom Blimp that floats around and shoots paste out the bottom is going to get really upstaged when Sinestro fills the sky with flaming yellow dinosaurs.

2. When you're trying to take over the world, it wouldn't be very sporting to take along someone who could.

3. He's relaxing at home with a puzzle, a tape of his "stories," and a box of truffles. "Go kill senators without me, today, boys! Danielle just found out she's pregant BY HER BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND!"

4. The writers ran out of reasonable ways for the good guys to beat someone that could kill them with a bad sneeze.

He was so tough no one even mentioned his outfit. I know the people he hung out with weren't FAVORITE SCENE: The Out of Control Dinosaur
I was always under the impression that after he made a big yellow thing, he could make it disappear. But during a fight against the Super Friends, he ended up getting stuck under the foot of a giant dinosaur he made. Where you would think he would have just made it go away with his super ring, he instead whined and pounded the floor with his fists. I don't know why he made this decision, but I'm not purple, so I can't really get inside his head.

If he could have combined his super powerful ring with the intelligence of a crack baby, he could have been really tough. He usually did shit like make a big yellow dog and leave the room. Sure, the Super Friends will act surprised and yell "Great Gotham/Hera/Lighning/Krypton!" or maybe even "Holy Golden Retrievers, Batman!", but then they will just do something ingenious to get rid of it. Like trip it or wait for it to go away. Sinestro doesn't get much done other than look like he fell in Solomon Grundy's Purplesaurus Kool Aid.