Wonder Kiss
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Polar Bear & Ice Sled
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Tiger On The School Bus
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Nice try, Wonder Twins.
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Female Whale Driver
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Shape of a Gopher! Form of... Water!
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"Time for some Wonder Speed!"
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Game of Chicken
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The Women Want Us Disentigrated
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Seagull and Ice Gondola!
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Sometimes Zan turned into talking water the monkey put in a bucket...

...and sometimes he turned into a bucket with a face. The little face is what helped the Super Friends tell it apart from their other crime fighting buckets.
Every time they ACTIVATED THEIR WONDER TWIN POWERS, you were going to see something stupid. Jayna could turn into any animal she could pronounce, but Zan got screwed. He turned into water or things made out of water. Like a wave or a water raincoat. Most times he just chose "water" and splashed into a purple mess. He did it with confidence, though. Jayna always seemed like she couldn't decide at the last minute. "Shape of a... a... deadly unstoppable... PHALREXIAN.. TRANGLOMITE!" Not Zan. No matter what crappy thing he turned into, he was excited to help out. An ice rollerskate might not stop the villain by itself, but it couldn't hurt. Actually, now that I think back, it usually did. I guess he was trying to make up for his embarrassing power by never doing anything right.

I know you're thinking, "She gets to turn into giant monsters and he turns into a puddle with a face; it's not fair!" Maybe it isn't. But what good is a kangaroo without an ice bowling ball? What good is a purple camel without a water top hat? And how is a seagull supposed to carry the monkey without an ice gondola?

"It's a huge caveman, Gleek! You hop on his head, I'll stand on the edge of this cliff! GO!"
Were they part of some sort of outreach program? Did the Society of Stupid Children hold a boycott demanding more character representation in the cartoon media? These two sucked so bad the Super Friends made them share a sidekick. And they gave everybody their own sidekick. They gave Hawkman a hawk, they gave Flash a smaller, yellow Flash, and they gave Aquaman two sidekicks PLUS a seahorse and a jetski. Even Aquaman got more of the superhero budget than them. That's like firing all your English teachers to give the female gym coach the two-way mirror she's been asking for.

Every day Jayna would have to change into pigeon and drag a bucket full of her brother and a monkey everywhere they went. Meanwhile, back home, there's a garage packed with expensive fish-decaled Aqua vehicles. How could they fight anybody with that insult on their mind? The Wonder Twins were lucky if Superman jammed them in a rusty shopping cart and shoved them. They were even luckier if the thing rolled straight and didn't veer into a building a block away from the Hall of Justice.