• From: Doppelganger
  • Age: 27
  • Homepage: http://members.xoom.com/heinreichw/
    07-Nov-99 11:11 PM
  • Your page was so good, I peed in my pants! I can't imagine how cool it would be if we peed everytime we liked something. I only spit when I think something is good.

  • From: candy
  • Age: sweet!
  • Homepage: http://www.chickpages.com/kisslists/sweetsourcandy
    15-Nov-99 01:51 PM

  • dear seanbaby,

    i like your site enough to give the reward for great job! you are funny, a little bit gross though but good!

    hears your prize for the great job! this picture of a naked girl
    and this funny sound clip~~~~~~~~~~

    byebye and congratulations!~candy!
    Thanks for the award, but the naked girl picture doesn't work. This is a lot like landing on the winning number on a school cake walk, but when the "Proud Parent of an Honor Student" is bringing you your prize, she drops it frosting side down on the floor. A horror I've lived through a Guiness-award winning 18 times.

  • From: Christy
  • Age: 20
  • Homepage: http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~cls
    17-Nov-99 07:34 PM
  • Punk rawk! Your page is truly entertaining. :D

  • From: Joe
    29-Jun-99 05:14 PM
  • You know what, Seanbaby. I think you're wrong about Alienboy being an undercover Christian operative. I actually went to school with someone JUST LIKE him (or at least with the same warped sense of humor)...it wasn't till his latest batch that the deja-vu really set in. So I think he really is on the level (ie. insane). Frankly, while my friend spent most of his time figuring out ways to convince people he was soon going to go postal with an AK-47 (before it became fashionable, mind), I was pretty sure he was just creative. Mind you, it's been a LONG time since we lost touch, and one of our last bits of contact was right after a tennis instructor he had been chasing dumped him and all four wheels on his new car were stolen while he was away in Cancun trying to forget her. I guess I subconsciously figured if there was a time for him to realize his prophecy, it may well have been then, and so I put some distance. Hmm. Nice guy, though (if I'm not speaking too soon). So yeah, I think Alienboy is for real and just a funny, creative guy. I do pray to my Lord and Saviour that he's many, many, miles away nonetheless however. :) Jesus Christ. Shouldn't you people filter some of this shit out before you type it? One time I went to the store, but like my friend (he is kind of tall) told me that he liked the candy at another better. So we went there. So all I'm saying is that you should probably shut the fuck up.

  • From: Jason "superass 5000" Robinson
  • Age: 18
  • Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/drunk_ass_ho/index.html
    22-Sep-99 11:52 AM
  • What's up , seanbaby? I'm gonna be short here :
    The page rocks , your sense of humor keeps me coming back ... and my page is merely a sick , sad imitation of the greatness that is : Seanbaby. I was wondering , about how much did it cost you to get your own domain name ? rockity rock rock
    Jason Robinson , superass guy
    My own domain name was a gift from the superstars at Old Man Murray. I pay them with physical labor like anything from washing dishes to being a midwife for the pregnant Erik. Sometimes Chet and I will write songs about passing people while we sponge paint the fence or redecorate the mailbox on Redecorate the Mailbox Wednesdays. My favorite is our rocking ballad, "Fat Man has a Funny Limp Hey! Hey!"

    From: Mr. Kunio
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: Favourite? All of them rule!
    Comments: Stumbled upon your "Superfriends" page today, then stumbled upon your NES page later on by coincidence. I must say, I had to stop reading the Superfriends page, cause I was about to piss myself laughing. Fucking awesome job, man.
    "This doesn't surprise me, I think all my pages together now constitute about 38% of the web. As one reader once said, 'This is the hugest page I've seen all week! And I'm from Yugoslavia!' Which would be admittedly disputable proof even if I hadn't made it up."

    From: Striker 164
    Homepage: Striker 164's EarthBound Page
    Age: 13000
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: The 20 worst games
    Comments: This is the funniest page in the WORLD. Great Job!!
    "Three days ago, I would have thought you were right. Then I found a Hanson fanfiction site. After four or five hours of tear filled laughter, I decided I was much closer to the 452nd funniest page in the world."

    From: Grey Fox
    Homepage: Katana Workshop
    Age: 14
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: NES Page
    Comments: Dear Seanbaby,
    You are the funniest guy in the world! My bitches know karate to. maybe they'll have a match. Whoever wins, karnov gets to pimp all night long!!!!!
    "Actually, the funniest guy in the world is this retarded kid I saw in McDonald's today blowing snot out of his nose onto cheeseburgers. It was almost worth the fact that I ate 6 burgers made mostly out of mucus to see something that cool. It turned out later that they guy wasn't mentally handicapped, and didn't even work there."

    From: Kupoguy(due to my lack of creativity)
    Homepage: Kupoguy's Page o' Fun
    Age: 17
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: Nes pages
    Comments: Kick-ass Page! Keep up the good work!
    "The only thing I'm keeping up right now is a giant stack of spinning plates in preparation for Circus of the Stars - non-celebrity special."

    From: Katie
    Age: 18
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: Stupid Page
    Comments: Lucas made me come here, he's a strange little boy who's obsessed with you. He talks about you a lot...which frightens me. Then again, it distracts him from porn for five minutes out of the day! Oh yeah, and he wants to hug my breasts for some weird reason...anywho. You look the genie who was on scooby doo sometimes. I thought the stupidity page was very funny, you didn't offend me at all.
    "Lucas and I used to go out, and he never really let go. I'll try harder to offend you next page, which I'm going to call "I don't want to hug Katie's breasts!" I'm just kidding. My next page is actually dedicated to your chest and the things I want to do it. Tell Lucas 'hi' and ask him if he ever found those panties I like."

  • From: Sengir
  • Age: 15
    17-Jul-99 12:29 PM
  • This page is funny as fuck! Kudos to Seanbaby In another quest for self improvement, I alphabetized my DNA. On the same quest, I also looked up kudos:
    (kyoo-dos) a word now used only in Seanbaby's stupid fucking guestbook.

  • From: Merlaan Rhihara
  • Age: 206
    23-Jul-99 06:45 PM
  • sick sick sick sick sick sick sick and very funny I'm assuming you're talking about my pus leaking wart page with jokes I transcribed from urinals. Thanks for your comments.

  • From: *tammysara*
  • Age: 17
  • Homepage: http://www.talk.to/plants
    31-Jul-99 04:29 PM
  • just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. so, HI. i hope one day my page becomes as popular as yours. byes*~
    If you really want your page to be popular, you've got to start doing something about its hair. Tell it to stop playing Magic and reading science fiction books in the library during lunch. Get it to quit drama club, play a sport, and threaten to punch a teacher in front of everyone. Then have it give its telescope money to the head cheerleader for her to pretend to go out with the page for a month. And sunglasses. Get it cool sunglasses.

  • From: LiquidNasty
  • Age: 20
  • Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/5001/
    03-Aug-99 10:44 AM
  • Since I can't seem to find the right words to express my thoughts on this page, I've asked Professor Fahtwiggins to take the stand for me.

    As you can see by his moving testimonial, We are both honored to be part of Seanbaby's guestbook.

  • From: Alon the Bastard
  • Age: 17
  • Homepage: http://members.aol.com/vgoths
    03-Aug-99 05:57 PM
  • The amount of joy your page and wit has brought into my life is immeasurable... It seems like only yesterday I was waiting for my brothers to get home from school at 3 pm so we could watch voltron together... well I lied, no it doesn't seem like yesterday because yesterday I ate lots of Chinese food, and Voltron was on TV over 10 years ago, but you know what I mean. As you may know, I am creating a tribute to your greatness, in the form of fine music. A techno-psuedo depeche mode sounding Seanbaby song should be ready in a couple of days, I'm just working on the vocals... Oh yeah, and everyone who's bored look at my page. Thanks. Since you couldn't see my warm smile, I had a coworker take this photo of me. You can't see it in the picture, but I'm wearing a business suit with a cape and shoes made out of milk cartons I traded from a bum for a roll of toilet paper and a half finished cigarette.

  • From: fiagro
    04-Aug-99 10:29 AM
  • yo seanbaby, who were your favorite Final Fantasy 2 & 3 characters? I liked the karate guy in 3. I also liked Umaro the sasquatch because you couldn't control him and he would sometimes use his pals as weapons. I would put down the controller and watch him throw that fucking orange mime and the other losers into monsters, jumping on the couch and making monkey noises the entire time. But Ayla from Chrono Trigger - that's someone worth thumbing your joystick over. She'd run on all fours like a cat with her cave ass cheeks teasiningly peeking out of her sabretooth bikini. Then her friend would hit her with lightning and she'd bite a dinosaur.

    From: Marc Nelson
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: NES
    Comments: VERY funny. My girlfriend had to tell me to shut up, I was laughing so hard. NES rules! Keep up the great work!
    "My girlfriend tells me to shut up even when I'm not being noisy. Of course, this is only when I'm interrupting her group therapy sessions with little people she calls 'Disco Midgets.' But it's not really a group therapy session, she just tries to comfort the kid I captured and dressed up in sequins. Not really a kid. More like a puppy. Actually, I never even captured anything. Joyce just talks to a pile of polyester clothes I tossed in the corner. But to be honest, I don't have a girlfriend, and I just live in the back of good will."

  • From: Mike Rieger
  • Age: 25
  • Homepage: http://www.millenniumdesign.ab.ca/diaperman
    06-Aug-99 10:50 AM
  • Not ONE?

    Not ONE vote for my Reader Comic, "Legions of Latex"? Even though I spent oh, about three and a half minutes drawing entirely original art? I slaved over that comic, you crack whores, there's bodily fluid on that paper. (Mostly because that Go-Gurt commercial came on. Watching that kid slurp pink goop from a plastic tube always makes me turgid.) Sure, I could have copy-and-pasted screenshots out of a video game, but the copy of "Sopwith 2" I loved so dearly in high school only runs on DOS.

    Well, okay, put me down for another vote for Some Random Guy. But only because he listed Darwin Awards as his website, and the word "Galapagos" makes me think of that Go-Gurt commercial again. But what doesn't?

    I still remember the day I saw a young boy sitting on a park bench, jamming himself in the eye with a yogurt spoon he had no hope of decyphering. I "thrashed" over to him on my sk8board, and with a "Cool as Ice" nod, tossed that geek a Go-Gurt.

    While it flipped through the air, you could almost see the X-Men comic book in his back pocket turn into a Bruce Springsteen bandana. A muffled whisper could be heard from a crowd of girls, "Oh shit. If that guy really eats that yogurt, I'm fucking him. I'm serious. I'm not fucking around. He eats the yogurt in a tube - panties come off"

    These are my BEST friends!

  • From: E
  • Age: 19
  • Homepage: http://www.gurlpages.com/obsess/iloveadrock/index.html
    31-Aug-99 10:02 AM
  • Here is every positive comment you get condensed into one: your page is great, you are really hot, you are much funnier and smarter than I am because I have very low self-esteem and you obviously don't. I agree with the first two but I most certainly don't want to do you. I'm pretty sure you don't care either way. However, I'd much rather give you a link to the Wilford Brimley Appreciation Page http://www.mindspring.com/~uncleowen/brimley.htm Of course I care either way. I hate it when people don't want to do me, and I only pretend to not care when they do. But I do take the time to have sex with each and every one of my fans. It's the least I can do.

  • From: Crispy
  • Age: 19
    20-Sep-99 01:53 PM
  • Seanbaby your site is the funniest site on the web! I'm not as anti-religious as you obvioulsly are but I find your cynicism refreshing. Your Ninendo section takes me back. Some of your fan comix are extremely sick and wrong, but it's all good. Lis is hot if she actually exists. If she is just a psudonym for you, then logically you must be hot. Not that I am interested. I'm not anti-religious. I respect everyone's delusions and superstitions, as long as I don't know about them.

  • From: Julie
  • Age: 19
    11-Oct-99 08:55 PM
  • I was just wondering how it feels to have people try to be like you in your own guestbook. It has to be a real self-esteem booster. Congratulations on giving the slackers and Christians of the internet something to do. Here's hoping they don't make you the God of some crazy religion. Oh, by the way... Is it a rule you have to post an odd picture with a crappy caption with your comments now? Didn't mean to disappoint if it is... I don't know you well enough to know if you're insane, or if this is veiled sarcasm. Either way, I think I'm the one that comes out looking stupid. Because I'm a dolphin in a top hat, writing this with software that translates my chittering into pictures of fish, and then into English.

  • From: Reggie Eugene Pete
  • Age: 16
    01-Nov-99 03:42 PM
  • um...it was uhh...cool
    good codes and all
    Michael jackson dance was raw..
    well not to much to say...but it was swell..
    seeyaaa! mike!!

    From: Josh
    Age: 21
    Favorite Page of Seanbaby's: 20 Worst
    Comments: Dude,
    I've OWNED most of these games. Your site is mad funny. I was looking around for NES Roms and I stopped here at your little truckstop of humor. I can't stop crying from laughter! good work!
    "I've been called some weird things, but that's the first time I've been called the mad funny owner of a truckstop of humor. I'm just kidding, that was actually one of my nicknames in third grade. My other one was 25 inch dong! Yeah, bitch!!!"

    From: Tommy Doyle
    Age: 18
    Comments: Your "20 Worst Nintendo Games of All Time" was so funny I pissed my pants!! Nice page.
    "I've added a Parental Advisory Wear Leakproof Undergarments While Reading This Page warning at the top of it to prevent such events in the future. Unless you meant that figuratively, in which case, people might be climbing into diapers for no real reason."

  • From: Doppelganger
  • Age: 27
  • Homepage: http://members.xoom.com/heinreichw/
    07-Nov-99 11:11 PM
  • Your page was so good, I peed in my pants! I can't imagine how cool it would be if we peed everytime we liked something. I only spit when I think something is good.

  • From: Sarah
  • Age: And who really cares?
  • Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/sarahs_lame/
    07-Nov-99 02:40 PM
  • Seanbaby you're the coolest! That's all I feel like writing.

    (Yes, that's right, I have no imagination and often I find myself having to resort to stealing other peoples material just to fit in . . . it fails to work, I know. Kick me, I've had worse.)
    I thought you didn't come here anymore since me and Ro were too mean to you in the guestbook. But you said more brutal things about yourself than I ever would. I'd never say "you have no imagination." Imagination is the bridge to our dreams and adventures. Having no imagination is like not having a penis, or being a Canadian. Everyone still calls you a person, but only as a euphamism for "bad person."

  • From: jennefer
  • Age: 19
    05-Nov-99 12:03 AM
  • very interesting and different. thought that the probe was funny. keep up the good job!!!! I know you must get this a lot, but I think your parents spelled your name wrong.

  • From: Alex McCloud
  • Age: 13
    05-Nov-99 11:31 PM
  • My mom caught me looking at your site and yelled at me. It is really funny though. Mom's are always yelling. That's why I can't hear out of one ear, ignore women as a rule, and still breast feed.

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