I think in all the fruit pie ads, this is the only one with a straight-man. That cop at the end actually realized there was something fucked up about a gang of walking plants that gave up their freedom for an irrational love of pie. Where was this guy when Captain America fed a Twinkie to a cube, or when Thor fought people so inbred that only cake affected them?

Mr. Fish:
Cousin Betsy, the Plant Lady? How many plants did this idiot fishwife talk to before they convinced her she could take on the Hulk? "I'm off to fight the most powerful creature in the world! Oh! I should bring these houseplants... that CAN TALK."

Hulk squeezed those stupid plants so hard that individually wrappped snack pies popped out of their head. Even I haven't been beaten up that badly. Now I'm realist - I know Mister Fish is a ninth-rate villain at best, but let me tell you something. I could take out 90 of those Cousin Betsy ladies without even spilling this glass of fish milk.

Dr. Doom:
What power. To communicate with plants... to reap the knowledge of countless generations of botanic life. Such is what Doom thought before building a Cousin Betsy The Plant Lady robo-drone. Now Doom realizes a conversation with plants is as follows:
Doom: "Greetings, plant. You speak to Doom."

Plant: "Here's what I say: sunshine is terrific!"

Doom: "Indeed. What knowledge can you give of it that will help Doom crush this feeble world?"

Plant: "Most types of shit help me grow strong!"