Rosy Rockets:
Who would you most like to see fighting Wonder Woman? A giant hot babe. But how did she get so big? If this was the Robot Master, things would be simple. "I've made a big me. Now I will evildo!" But Cooky's exposition is more complex. She's a malfunctioning ... movie star electric sign. What the fuck is that, you ask? Well, it's what you get when your deadline is ten minutes away and you've drunk too much Dr Pepper, and are so excited at the prospect of drawing breasts the size of cars that you don't care how you get there. So, there's this big electric, *cough* movie star sign, and the flaw in its design is an exposed wire that when touched, brings images to life. After I read about this I got third degree burns from playing Chevy Chase films with the VCR case open. "*rummage rummage* "Oh please god make this the wrong wire! Please...bzzt OWW!"

Half-arsed name award goes to Steve Trevor - probably inspired by a quick look across the office to where the writer's colleagues Steve and Trevor were humping each other's Loony Tunes ties. The second panel is an aerial shot, and this whole stupid idea could have been justified with a decent view down between Cooky's giant-size breasts as she attempts to do something unspeakably sexy to our hero. In fact the original line probably read something like, "I'm a BIG slut! Steve Howard... you be my little sexy potholer of love!" But the comics code will not allow this, although it will allow WW's daringly post-modern, self-referential comment which although ahead of its time, is phrased so as to make little to no sense.

I don't think Steve Howard/Trevor wants to be rescued - would you? And instead of kicking ass, WW decides to save her lover by... making Cooky La Moo tell the truth. It doesn't work very well! So she uses her super Amazon gift of the gab. "Think of your image!" "Oh, how foolish of me, trying to recruit a press agent. That's no way for a movie star to behave. I should be OD-ing on Xanax and shagging 19 year old boys." I don't know why WW thinks her lassoo still works. I don't think "come up and see me again" constitutes a truth. She didn't even say, "I must tell the truth!" first. When you're nice, we love you, Cooky! But confusingly, we love Twinkies indiscriminately, regardless of the fact that they taste like shit.