Rosy Rockets:
I can hardly bear to read this. Wonder Woman falling into an utterly inept booby trap is bad enough, but they have her dis it first just to make her look reaaally stupid. And then she canít even come up with a decent pun at the end. ďPrison bars will soon take their place.Ē Whaaaa? To distract you from this infamy, Iíll just mention that Iím wearing my fireman outfit with no underwear. Guess where Iím hiding my hostess twinkies!

I believed it when a bag of Twinkies distracted villains from world dominating plans. And I bought it when someone fed one to an inanimate object to convince it not to destroy our universe. But there is no way I believe these guys cared about Twinkies at a time like this. It doesn't matter what morals you think you have or how fat you wish you weren't, an unconscious Wonder Woman is more interesting than a Twinkie.

Mr. Fish:
Check out the last panel. What good is an invisible jet if you're going to fill the entire god damn thing with Twinkies? People on the ground are going to go, "Look up there! A slut flying next to a pile of snacks!" You don't really understand how messed up our super powered lives are until you something like that hits you.