This Halloween, Lysa was dressed as a ladybug trainer, which was a pretty high-concept costume, unlike mine, which was of course, ballet princess.

Joyce hugs Captain Party, knowing full well the risk of spontaneous party explosion.

JL, Xjan, and I, partying just like real cowboys.

I'm the King of Pop. Joyce is a zombie cheerleader cursed to cheer from beyond the grave.

Due to moustache-related treachery, I don't know who this handsome stranger is.

Bryan and I pick a fight.

This photo shows the proper technique for advanced cockblasting.

JL's and my lecture on the influential nature of modern abstract expressionism was ruined when we realized that what we thought was abstract expressionism was actually square dancing.


When passion turns into betrayal, and desire becomes a weapon, you've crossed The Edge of Obsession, starring me and Kitty.



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