At the Suicide Girls prom, Nick, Anna, and I get a picture with a spooky creature of the night. Holy shit, I swear that guy was constantly one heartbeat away from levitating and sucking out our mortal souls with his dark powers.

Me, Raishawn, and Koz tore up at the prom. Not pictured: BowWow the Star Dog.

Funnyman Macbastard and TV's me take time away from slow dancing to pose for this touching photo.

Evil Nala shows me how to remove a man's head with only 300 pounds of pressure.

Lane, Nick, and I all knew that we were surrounded by unkillable vampires and porno girls, but Nick seems to be the only one worried about it.

Just for a minute, I take the beer out of my mouth to replace it with some of Nala's face.

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