NEW COMIX!!!!!11
I have new comix for good Seanbaby! Roscoe sick so I have do art work. I do good work but not too good next to Roscoe. Friend make camoe at end of comix sing song! BUT NO! Bad man who SACK is plan to STEEL IDEA. NO GOOD FOR ASSTIN AND ROSCOE NO GOOD ET AL. Butt I tell you that I first did camoe of friend called PANTS. PANTS is funny and good. I will say "HI PANTS" and he will say "HI ASSTIN AND ROSCOE"
ROFLFOLFOL ROLFOLFOL RFOLF!!!!!!!!11111 PANTS is VERY funny for laugh and good time: but SACK want USE PANTS. BUT WE HAVE HAND IN PANTS. SACK IS