• From: Sam Russo
  • Age: 19
    28-Sep-99 11:12 PM
  • Figured I might as well sign the guest book already, seeing how I'm probably going to fail out of college as I spend all my time getting fucked up and reading those Hostess ads from my misspent youth. I love this page, I really do. By the way, think you could hold some sort of "Least Talented Fan" contest?
    Later, Seanbaby.

    Special Wonder Woman Villain Response Day

  • From: AJ
  • Age: 18
  • Homepage: http://rickson.com
    29-Sep-99 12:25 AM
  • Hey, seanbaby, who are your favorite NHB fighters? and why the fuck does Vipond hate you so much?

    Special Wonder Woman Villain Response Day

  • From: Patrick McGuire
  • Age: 17
    29-Sep-99 03:29 PM
  • Here I was just wondering what to do and was looking through your page and it hit me... must go play Super Dodge Ball and hurt some people. You have done the super throw where its shoots knocks the guy off the screen and he eventually lands on your side... then of coarse you hit him with the ball while he tries to get back to his side.

    Special Wonder Woman Villain Response Day

  • From: Weedhopper
    29-Sep-99 11:57 AM
  • Why do people you make fun of continually sign your guestbook? As if THIS time, you'll comment on how the opinions they stole from you are so well thought out, and give you a happy feeling deep inside. Is it just their low self esteem?

    Special Wonder Woman Villain Response Day

  • From: Glen Toman
  • Age: 22
    29-Sep-99 03:32 PM
  • Well iam a fan of nintendo man i love the shit ,,i remeber sitting up for days trying to finish Dragon Warrior .anyways you umm like e m u l A T I o n Cough COUGh same here email me back let me know about some sites youd suggest i want to know ... anyways your page rocks and so does punk live fresh and prosper LOCKEE(GLEN)

    The Special Wonder Woman Villain Response Day comes to a close since not even a diabolical madman from space would bother to respond in any reasonable way to this mess.

  • From: NyQuilman
  • Age: 15
  • Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/NyQuilman/
    02-Oct-99 08:33 AM
  • Seanbaby, you're my hero. you're not just a man, you're a phenomenon. it's amazing that someone could look that sexy in leather pants. it's a feat that can only be pulled off properly by yourself, and David Bowie (because, let's face it, Bowie is one sexy fucker.) i aspire to your level of greatness. i want to grow up to be just like you.

    hey, what happened to Lis?

    hmm... well, whatever.

    Check out these classes
    (in action)

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Canada's Best Karate

  • From: Eimi
  • Age: 19
    02-Oct-99 04:40 AM
  • My stars and garters. Alienboy actually made a witty comment in one of his latest comics... "I'm gonna make you white and red like the Canadian flag!". Quite frankly, we're still wondering how Canada could produce...that. And we're still sorry.

    Learn About Jamie
    "happy with himself"

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Canada's Best Karate

  • From: Booboo
    01-Oct-99 10:29 AM
  • I hate to say this, but I think I am gay. I had this dream the other night (no shit) and Seanbaby kissed my forehead while he was drunk. Sad thing is, I liked it. Is this abnormal? Please tell me I'm not gay, that would really suck.

    About Laura and Bob

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Rollerdrome Dance and Figure Club Members

  • From: cRaZy FuK
  • Age: 12-18
  • Homepage: http://
    01-Oct-99 02:23 PM
  • Voices......... in my head!!! They keep saying "Kill Seanbaby, Kill Seanbaby". Now I don't take great offence in the stuff you say, but the voices on the other hand are religious Christians/Aquaman fans who are the biggest gay bashers ever and consider you one of the biggest queers of all time!! Personally I have no problem with you, but you have offended the all mighty voices!!!! I must oblige to them or they will kill me.... Once again, nothing personal.

    About Gus
    (Noncompetetive Member)

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Rollerdrome Dance and Figure Club Members

  • From: E-Rock
  • Age: 18
  • Homepage: http://www.dork.com/e-rock/
    30-Sep-99 08:50 PM
  • a haiku:

    My girlfriend likes you
    I say quite sternly to her
    "Back off Bitch, he's mine!"

    Thank you, Thank your mother, Thank the Voltron Force

    P.S. I can see through your clever disguise. You are, in fact, Condescending Bastard Man!

    About Liz

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Rollerdrome Dance and Figure Club Members

  • From: Al
  • Age: 18
  • Homepage: http://fromeside.8m.com
    01-Oct-99 08:38 AM
  • Nice one, chap. Your page is as original and funny as any I've seen. Plus, you have cool hair. I've been known to dabble with the old dye myself, you know :) http://atari.iwarp.com has a wicked pic of me with green hair. Anyway, yeah, enough. It's wicked, rest assured :)

    About Bob

    Today's guestbook responses brought to you by
    Rollerdrome Dance and Figure Club Members

  • From: LiquidNasty
  • Age: 20
    02-Oct-99 09:39 AM
  • Hey, I phoned Bob (731-9009), and he didn't have a fucking clue what I was talking about when I asked him how he got on the guestbook response team. Check it out;

    (Bob) Hello?

    (LN) Hi, may I please speak to Bob?

    (Bob) Speaking.

    (LN) Bob, you crazy stud, how'd you get on Seanbaby's guestbook response team?

    (Bob) Who is this? What are you talking about? Sean who? I think you have the wrong number. *click*

    Bob is a whore.


    The history of Robert Travarca
    a Seanbaby.com exclusive

    When action skating phenom "Bob" began skating competitively in 1965, the nation's eyes were on this rollerdroming dream boat. Described as "hunky star", "fantastic skater", and even "snoggable cutey," he quickly became known as "Bob" to skating fans worldwide.

    Reliving his skating glory days as an instructor of the same sport that made him America's sweetheart, he still finds the time to give interviews to his fans. Now known as "whore" he was recently asked what he thought about his rise to stardom. "...is this ... Sean ... ? I think [I love you]."

  • From: hahaha
    03-Oct-99 09:34 PM
  • Yeah I called Robert (216-731-9009) also. I got the anwsering machine. I left a message similar to this
    "BOB! ROBERT! You da MAN! Your on the guesbook response team? Its a big honor to speak to you, and... keep up the good work!"
    Im sure he will wonder for many years what the fuck kind of guestbook team he's on. Now that I think of it, that call to Ohio is going to cost me.
    If anyone sends in a recording of their conversation with Bob, The Single Greatest and Most Fantastic Rollerskating Dancer of Our Time, I promise they will receive fabulous prizes. And if you can get him to say, "Skating is like a dream if you trust in your skates and try your best!" I will make you rich both financially and in spirit.

  • From: Matt Foley
  • Age: 30-ish
    02-Oct-99 07:36 PM
  • Dearest Seanbaby- Thank you for making so many millions and millions of people's lives somewhat less stressful and boring...i know you certainly have made mine a little more fun than it was before and I enjoy coming to your page daily to find something new to make me laugh. You're thebest! (end kiss-ass mode) Thanks for signing the guestbook. And speaking of guestbook, please note that Canada's Best Karate is in no way affiliated with Canada's Best Teashop, Canada's Best Badminton Players, or Canada's Greatest upcoming band.

    Bob Milroy, one of Canada's finest badminton players.

  • From: Rick
  • Age: 17
    30-Sep-99 04:46 PM
  • Hey.... it looks like Joyce made an upda- HEY WAIT A MINUTE! That's you!
    Good one. Here's you.

  • From: LiquidNasty
  • Age: 20
    09-Oct-99 05:14 PM
  • Hey, I just realized something. Many of Canada's Best Badminton Players, including Bob, attend the same school that I am attending. In fact, I have seen Bob in the physical education complex on a few occasions, though he was never wearing that...headband. Sad to say, I don't know him personally, but I'm still jealous that his mug is in your guestbook.
    Bob and Bob: They both bob some serious fucking knob.
    Why are you so lucky? My city got excited when spaztic overacter, Cuba Gooding Jr. stampeded around spitting out catch phrases during some movie I'll be making fun in the next year or so.

    Portland's athletes are pretty super fantastic, like recently acquired superstar small forward, Scottie Pippen, but he's no Badminton Bob, who is in my top five, maybe four, best people ever birthed.

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