Isn't getting back to Earth really complicated? Like you have to hit the perfect angle or you ricochet off into deep space or just explode into flame? I mean, I missed most of my rocket physics classes, but I saw Space Camp 20 times, and I'm pretty sure you can't just toss some pies out the window and follow their path down. Hostess snacks may thwart karate and cure Wendigo ass kickings, but they're not reliable cosmic navigators.

Oh, and I had another good idea I wish I'd been able to tell the astronauts before the last panel -- don't eat something that just fell from space. Not only because of space disease, but because it's going to be about 2000 degrees. "Thanks for the pie, Wonder Woman! Yep, home sweet ho--DEAR SWEET LORD MY HANDS ARE ON FIRE!"

Mr. Fish:
What, they can't see the Earth out the window, but they can make out the flavor of a fruit pie? Let me tell you something, if I was an astronaut running off course, I wouldn't be excited to see fruit pies floating around. Glub. I definitely wouldn't think they were a path leading back to Earth. If anything, I'd think a fat person had stepped into space and exploded.